Mapping & Addressing

Claiborne 911 Mapping & Addressing

The purpose of a rural addressing system is to better locate residences, businesses and other buildings in Claiborne County during emergency situations whether it is for law enforcement, fire or medical assistance.

Claiborne 911 is responsible for the addressing of Claiborne County for the purpose of the Enhanced 911 system. Mapping and addressing is conducted each week to ensure accuracy and is an on-going monitoring and evaluation process.

Relocating to Claiborne County
If you are relocating to Claiborne County and need to know the correct address of the property, contact the Mapping & Addressing office at (423) 626-1700.

Building a Home, Business, or Moving a Mobile Home
You can receive a 911 address if you are in the process of building a structure or moving in a mobile home. The 911 addresses are assigned after a driveway is in place and footers have been dug. Please note: No 911 addresses are assigned to vacant lots.

Claiborne 911 Mapping & Addressing
Claiborne County Justice Center
Executive Director Roger Hager
415 Straight Creek Road
Tazewell, TN 37879
(423) 626-1700
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