The Chamber

Mission Statement

The Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce works on behalf of our membership, to promote, unify, inform, serve and enhance the business community. We act with a cohesive voice for the advancement of the economic, environmental, and social concerns of the community in order to make Claiborne County a better place to live, work, and visit.

Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce Goals

  • Improve the image of Claiborne County to the traveling public.
  • Be an aggressive agent for economic development which positively impacts the economic well-being, environment, education opportunities and overall quality of life of our region.
  • Be a driving force for the social and cultural change which positively affects the region’s economic well-being.
  • Promote unity between the Chamber and various governmental and community associations.
  • Develop Member programs to benefit our Membership
  • Increase the number of, value of and demand for memberships.

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